A downloadable game for Windows

In Prisom you'll explore a perplexing trichromatic environment. Maneuver your way through a three dimensional maze using your control over color itself to your advantage. Recover each of the prisms to ultimately escape... the PRISOM.

Created by:
Rebecca Anisman

Rebecca grew up collecting Pokemon games, playing RPGs, and losing to her brother in Smash (many controllers were broken). She didn't realize game design was an actual job she could have until high school and has been working towards her dreams ever since. She has thrown 100% less controllers in the last 8 years despite the occasional stupid-fix programming rage.  

Aaron Cendan

Aaron got his start building custom controllers for gamers with hand problems while pursuing a degree in music. The interests later merged and he's moved on to composition, sound design, and audio engineering for games. Super Smash Bros Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube is the greatest game of all time don't @ me. Actually though, please reach out @SticklessGC.

Josh Navarro

Josh has a background in management and has switched focus to game design in the past year, specializing in Level and Tech Design. When not playing games, he is an avid portrait and landscape photographer. He met Stan Lee, too. Just saying.

Alejandro Perez-Acevedo

Josh Wade

Josh has been programming for 5 years and drawing blueprints for 2 months. His hobbies include writing, running, inventing words, and smerdling. One day, he might have his very own website.


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